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ID# RR377

ID# Heritage Blood Type Eye Color Hair Complexion Height Weight Years of College Occupation
RR377 German, Swedish O- Green Blond, Wavy Fair 6'1" 240 4 College Student
Identification #RR377 Pregnancy Proven – Yes
Physical & Personal Characteristics
Height 6’1″ Weight 240
Eye Color Green Complexion Fair
Hair Blond, wavy Right Handed X Left Handed
Religion Born Into Catholic Married No
Heritage German, Swedish Occupation College Student Years of College 4
Interests Golfing, hiking, socializing with friends and family
Notes Standard (ICI) and Prewashed vials (IUI) vials available
Test Results Test Results
Blood Type O- HIV 1/2 Abw. Group O Nonreactive
Chlamydia,GC Amplification Negative/Negative HTLV-1,2 Ab Nonreactive
Chromosome Analysis Normal Male 46XY Neisseria gonorrhea Negative
CMV Screen Positive AST/ALT Within normal limits
CMV, IgM/Culture Nonreactive/Negative Sickle cell Not applicable
Cystic Fibrosis Negative for 60 Common Mutations Syphilis, antibody MHA-TP Nonreactive
HbsAg Nonreactive Tay Sachs & Canavan Not applicable
HbcAb Nonreactive Hepatitis C, Ab Nonreactive
Thalassemia Normal adult hemoglobin HCVRNA/HIV RNA IDTNAT Nonreactive/Nonreactive
Notes HBV DNA IDTNAT Nonreactive
Donor & Family Health History
Medical Problem Donor Family
Heart None

Paternal Grandmother: Dx. High blood pressure @ age 64

Paternal Uncle: Heart attack @ age 52

Blood None None
Respiratory None None
Gastrointestinal None None
Metabolic/Endocrine None Paternal Grandfather: Dx. with Type 2 diabetes @ age 68
Urinary None None
Genital / Reproductive None None
Neurological None None
Mental Health None None
Muscles / Bones / Joints None None
Sight / Sound / Smell None None
Skin None None
Other None None
Family History
Family Member Occupation Level of Schooling
Mother Banking Industry 4 years college
Father Businessman 4 years college
Family Member Age if Living Age at Death Cause of Death
Mother 51
Father 50
Maternal Grandmother 73
Maternal Grandfather 71 Cirrhosis
Paternal Grandmother 71
Paternal Grandfather 79
Brothers 25
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