Donor Profile RR365*

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Identification # RR365*Pregnancy Proven  
Physical & Personal Characteristics
Date of Birth () Place of Birth India
Height Weight
Eye Color Complexion Fair, Asian
Hair Black, StraightRight Handed Left Handed
Religion Born Into HinduMarried
Heritage IndianOccupation EngineeringYears of College
Interests reading, books, puzzles, soccer and cricket
Notes 8-24-14: Less than 10 standard vials available Sell out probability is high.
Test Results
Blood Type HIV 1/2 Ab
Chlamydia HTLV-1,2 Ab
Chromosome analysis Normal Male 46 XY Neisseria gonorrhea
CMV, IgM/Culture Sickle cell
Cystic Fibrosis Noncarrier of Common MutationsSyphilis, antibody
HbsAg Tay Sachs & Canavan
HbcAb Hepatitis C, Ab
Thalassemia Normal Adult HemoglobinHCVRNA/HIV-1 RNA
Notes You should be CMV screen positive to use this donor or have a waiver from your physician. Call us if you are unsure what this means.
Donor & Family Health History
Medical ProblemDonorRelative
HeartNoneGrandparent: high blood pressure; Uncle & Cousin: heart attack
BloodNoneGrandparent: anemia
RespiratoryNoneGrandparent & Uncle: hay fever
GastrointestinalNoneUncle: ulcer
Metabolic/EndocrineNoneMaternal Grandfather: diabetes (not insulin dependant)
Genital/Reproductive SystemNoneNone
NeurologicalNoneGrandmother: migraines
Mental HealthNoneNone
Muscles / Bones / JointsNoneNone
Sight / Sound / SmellNoneNone
SkinAcne as teenagerSiblings & Cousins: non-scarring acne as teenagers
Family History
Family MemberOccupationLevel of Schooling
MotherTeacherM.S. degree
FatherEngineerM.S. degree
Family MemberAge if LivingAge at DeathCause of Death
Maternal Grandmother
Maternal GrandfatherAccidental death - car crash
Paternal Grandmother
Paternal GrandfatherAccidental death - car crash